Bircher Muesli

Bircher's MuesliO.K., I don’t usually write about food or recipes. But this one has caught my fancy. We are all probably familiar with muesli; it has been commercialized by breakfast cereal companies. Of course, true muesli–made from oats, dried fruits, etc.–is best made from scratch, and it is relatively easy to do. But I had never heard about the original recipe before we took our trip to Australia in April and May of this year (2007).

Bircher Muesli was first created by Dr. Bircher in 1887 in Switzerland, and quickly became a Swiss national tradition. In Australia, Bircher Muesli was a standard offering at the breakfast buffets we frequented (which were spectacular if expensive). It is one of those recipes you can easily augment to taste. The muesli can be served hot or cold. I prefer hot.

Here is the basic recipe I have slightly modified: Ingredients: 2 cups rolled oats, 1.5 cups apple juice.

Optional additions: 1 cup plain yogurt, raisins, dried cranberries, shaved almonds, chopped apple, lemon juice, any thing else you might like to try.

Place all in a large bowl, mix well and let sit in the refrigerator at least 6 hours or overnight. The acid in the apple juice “cooks” the oats and revitalizes any dried fruit.

Serve a couple of tablespoons in a small bowl, add milk, honey or sugar to taste. I find extra sweet is not necessary if you use dried fruit. To heat, I use the microwave.

Bircher Muesli tastes great, sticks with you a long time and provides essential nutrition–a perfect breakfast.

So, what’s wrong with that?

About Don Meredith

I am a writer and biologist living in British Columbia, Canada, having moved from Alberta Canada in 2020. I wrote a monthly column for the Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine, and have published articles for several other magazines.
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