As I write this, I wonder why I’m sitting here in front of a computer and not outside taking advantage of the very thin skiff of snow that is now on the ground with more falling from the sky, and tracking deer (alas, business has taken priority). Yesterday, I was out on day four of my white-tailed deer hunt. Although the day was near perfect (light wind out of the west, temperature just below freezing), I found very few signs of deer. The snow that had fallen over a week ago is all but gone.

beaver workUsually at this time of year, a careful still hunter sees many deer–usually does, but some bucks as well. Yesterday, I was checking out an alternative hunting area, hoping to get some insights as to where the bucks were going. However, after many hours of still hunting and marvelling at the work of beavers and seismic companies, I only found one buck rub/scrape site. It had been used recently, so it was enough for a brief adrenalin rush.

Now, I’m a spoiled northern hunter. A perfect day of hunting includes fresh snow on the ground that allows a hunter to determine where the deer are active and indeed lead him to his quarry. That snow is falling now. However, the weather forecast states that it will not get above freezing today, so this snow should be there tomorrow with many stories written into its surface that should keep me interested for a long while.

So, what’s wrong with that?


About Don Meredith

I am a writer and biologist living in Alberta, Canada. I wrote a monthly column for the Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine, and have published articles for several other magazines.
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