Whistling Past the Graveyard

The recently concluded Bali conference on climate change was a disappointment. At last the world came together to address the most serious environmental issue in history, only to see the world’s most powerful country, with the resources necessary to make a difference, fail to deliver the leadership that was required to move forward and deal with it. Indeed, the U.S. and yes, sadly, my own country, Canada, did everything they could to torpedo any deal that would have made a significant impact.

Yes, I know, the U.S. and Canadian argument is that they do not wish to commit to reduced carbon levels until the developing nations, such as China, come on board. And yes, I realize China is about to surpass the U.S. in carbon emissions. However, China and like countries have little incentive to work on their emission problems when the U.S. and Canada will not step up and demonstrate how it should be done.

To me, it demonstrates the lack of leadership today’s wealthy democracies have been demonstrating over the last few decades. History will not be kind to these leaders as the environment is always not kind to those species who are not prepared to adapt to the changing circumstances. Shame on us all!

So, what’s wrong with that?



About Don Meredith

I am a writer and biologist living in Alberta, Canada. I wrote a monthly column for the Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine, and have published articles for several other magazines.
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