My Jump to iMac

Well, I did it. I purchased an iMac a couple of weeks ago, and over the last few days I have been slowly moving my files over from my five-year-old PC and getting used to the new operating system. As I discussed earlier in my ‘Why my next desktop might be a Mac’ article, I have been a Microsoft (MS) PC user for over 20 years. It has not been an easy relationship, especially after the inception of the Internet. Despite MS’s overwhelming dominance in the operating system market, they have failed to get it right. In my opinion, the Windows operating system was flawed from the get go and instead of fixing the problems, MS has chosen to just keep patching them up. Even their latest venture, Windows Vista, has failed to impress.

So, I’ve jumped to the competition. So far, I’m very impressed. The iMac has a very small footprint–no tower, no external speakers (they are internal). Everything, except the keyboard and mouse, is found on the display. The iMac interface is very user friendly. I’m not continuously prompted to download and install fixes. Most important is that my MS Office files have been compatible with the iMac versions. At least MS has recognized the value of offering its products on the Mac platform.

The only major drawback I’ve found so far is that I cannot get a Mac version of my financial software, Quicken. For some reason, Intuit does not have a Canadian version of its Mac software available. I’m thinking this is because their latest Canadian version may not be compatible with the new MS OX 10.5.  Until such becomes available, or I find an alternative, I will keep my old PC around to handle that business.

I’m enjoying my iMac. I’m enjoying the bigger, sharper screen; the freed up desk and floor space; and I’m enjoying the speed with which my iMac uses the Internet over my dial-up connection.

So, what’s wrong with that?


About Don Meredith

I am a writer and biologist living in Alberta, Canada. I wrote a monthly column for the Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine, and have published articles for several other magazines.
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One Response to My Jump to iMac

  1. Don, I could say likely the exact same things as you since I too have just purchased an iMac (for the same reasons). I have one little problem in that I didn’t think to order the modem for the Mac so I can use it over the internet. Once it arrives, I should be sailing! (yes, we’re still on dial up — we can’t get high speed where I live). Enjoy the Mac!

    Dogs Naturally

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